John S. Huerta resides in Sacramento, California 

“I became really inspired by the art of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) years ago when, unfortunately, my  sister and mother passed away and for  me to cope and understand what I was going through I had  to find a way to deal with the grieving so I researched Dia de los Muertos traditon and then  I  realize that I could use  my training in art to use vibrant colors, strong details and fun compositions in order to  bring out the beauty of my rendition of the Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) and to use anything I could to honor love ones who  not only who have passed but also who have inspired, encourage and strengthen me to pursue my dream in being an working artist. 

I am so greatly appreciative of the love and support of my art and I thank God every day for the ability to create art and to be humble for the joy it  brings me and most of all when it bring joy to others 


I’ve been working on many projects and most recently I completed a large mural in midtown Sacramento of Frida Kahlo, Alebrijies hummingbirds, geometric shapes and very bright vibrant colors . (Please, if your in Sacramento check it out it is near the corner of 24th and K st, facing the west.)”